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Burrow Through The Brush and Leaves
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9th-Feb-2010 01:56 pm(no subject)
Patrick Wolf
Recently,I've been watching the second season of Full Metal Alchemist (The Brotherhood). It's been really enjoyable so far, even better than the first season. There were a lot of mysteries in the first season that are beginning to unravel and I'm completely addicted. Here's a drawing I did last night in Illustrator. It's a scene that I really like from the opening credits:

Open HandsCollapse )

On a completely unrelated topic:
It's so funny how prayer works sometimes. Like you've been praying to God everyday about certain situations, and He always throws me completely off guard with it. I go from no signs anywhere for a long time to signs everywhere all at once. I'm trying not to jump the gun with any of them until I figure out what the heck He's trying to do to me. The bookstore is currently snowy, sunny, and quiet today. I've finished my working tasks and now I'm happily drifting down aisles dusting and straightening and thinking of what things I'd like to be reading. I'm also turning the music up and dancing when no one is in here.

Either way, life is kinda hilarious right now.
Patrick Wolf
Music/Videos that I'm in love with lately, just for you <3

Feast Your Eyes & EarsCollapse )

No art for today, because I've been busy playing in all the icey snow mix outside! I'm working on a few things, including a T-Shirt design that I'm working on for Threadless. I'll probably finish it sometime next week, so check back.
9th-Sep-2009 12:08 am - A Reminder
Patrick Wolf
Just a reminder to everyone that the band Owl City is playing tomorrow night in Nashville. They will be at the Rocketown venue @ 7:00. So if all you Memphis/Nashville friends are free you should make the drive to come see the show!

The start of this week has been a really awful and sad ordeal for me. Which is why I'm so glad to be going to this show tomorrow. Owl City has a way of lifting your spirits and making you feel amazing, even after some of the worst days. Lord knows I need it right now.

I promise I'll explain what's been happening when I get home. However at this moment, all I want to think about is having a good time and dancing at the show tomorrow night.

Speaking of awesome music, your muzicon for today is 1901 by Pheonix. I can't stop listening to this song. The video is pretty badass too. Go youtube it kids.

Patrick Wolf
"Summer vacation" is over. Even though I'm no longer in school, I still feel the same foreboding feeling that comes around the start of August. That things are coming to an end, and other things are beginning.

As soon as I got back from Colorado, at the end of July, I started the job hunt process. I've found most of the design firms in the Memphis area already have a full print design staff so unless I wanna change my career to strictly web design it's gonna be a tough hunt. I had a job interview with a company called Joyce Signs on the 12th. The interview went really well and I'm hopeful...but I won't hear back from them until the beginning of September.

That's a long wait. Luckily I'm still working at my family's bookstore about 20hrs a week, which should hold me over until I find something. I'll keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I've been working on orders as a member of the Owl City Street Team. For those who have never heard of Owl City, it is led mainly by musician Adam Young. The sound is beautifully imaginative pop, that's full of bright lights and color. It makes you smile and dance whenever you hear it :). Most of my duties deal with creative ways to promote the music.

Recently, babykittylove and I worked on
thisCollapse ) in a public park in town where it could be seen. We'll also be heading to the Nashville area on Sept 9th to see their first show of the tour! For those interested, here's the line-up for the entire tour:

I seriously cannot wait!
10th-Apr-2009 07:38 pm - Today At Work...
Patrick Wolf

ok, so I actually typed part of this entry out last month, but have been so busy with trying to graduate that I never got around to posting it, so I shall finish it now as well as updates on life and so forth as of now:

DAZZLE MECollapse )

ok, so now back to May 9th, 2009. 11:00 on the dot. I am officially graduated. I walked down the aisle, shook the President's hand, and recieved my diploma (or actually the case you put you're diploma in until they mail it to you, but you get the idea) all without falling or my hat falling off. On Thursday I took part in my senior class's design show. It went well, I talked to alot of people and I appreciated all the friends and family that came out to see me :) :) Lots of pictures were taken, so I'll definately upload them sometime next week.

It's a weird feeling. I'm so relieved to be done, but I am going to miss school and all my design class/friends alot. I'm scared about going out to search for a job, but also hopeful and excited about it. It'll be a new chapter to my life, and finally a chance to do some of the things I havn't been able to do because of school. I guess we'll see how it goes, but I think I'll relax for a couple of weeks first.

I'm baby-sitting this thing for the next week and a half:

I'm looking forward to going to the park with him lots :)
you should come with me.

Patrick Wolf
recent music video's and songs I'm currently digging:

Music Vids!Collapse )
Patrick Wolf
Step HereCollapse )
13th-Dec-2008 02:14 am - day dream lights around you
Patrick Wolf
the first "free-time" art doodly in awhile. I've missed them.

I drew this while listening to a song called "Saltwater Room". I <3 Owl City. He makes me wanna go have Christmas on the beach. Where I would be completely surrounded by lights. It's a Winter sounds from a warm heart; just perfect and so what I need right now.


other things that make me happy:

Flight of the Concords, new season premiere coming soon in january. I can't wait.

Balloon shop's new video. thank goodness such cool people live in memphis:

3rd-Dec-2008 11:55 pm(no subject)
Patrick Wolf
I'm covinced that nothing is better on a rainy evening than watercolor ink washes, warm robes, and Nick Drake

Soothing out all my stress
18th-Oct-2008 11:09 pm(no subject)
Patrick Wolf
It's so cold outside & I am in love with it. Despite the fact I was called into work today, there is just something crisp about leaving a bookstore into the night air that makes me tingle. It also gave me an excuse to buy a leather jacket today. and drink hot tea outside.

Know what else is nice? Having a weekend that doesn't involve slaving in the art lab till midnight. I love my major but I've never had my weekends sucked away like i have this semester. It's been several weekends in a row since I've actually felt relaxed or relatively cheerful in manner. I hate driving but I catch myself feeling like I should be just out of habit. So I'm trying to remind myself that I like having chill time. This is a rare and fleeting moment and I should be savoring the fact I have nothng to do.

I also can't pull myself away from my new Dell XPS. It's so freaking fast compared to my old computer (known as Clunker) and I've loaded it with a 9 cell lithium battery and a ton of memory and hard drive space. I now have a video card so nice I can finally become an online gamer again without my computer wanting to commit suicide. I installed all my adobe programs today and it hardly took any space. To Clunker it would have been an atomic bomb. Just Beautiful. Only thing that sucks is I can't transfer my music until I get an external hardrive, pretty much 17GB of music took up my old computers space, which is a pretty huge file to transfer.

Christmas is gonna have to come a little earlier. : )

For those that are interested, I'd like to go to a haunted house next week sometime. These two I think sounded the most promising here in Memphis: www.hauntedweb.com
and www.nightshademanor.com.

the more people that come, the more we can grab onto each other haha. So check out those sites and give me some feedback!

Is anyone doing anything exciting for Halloween? I can't decide if I wanna party it up or not. Most of my Halloween party experiences have been horrible and I want to forget them, it would be nice to go to one and actually have a good time.

ah, it feels so nice to type in good ole lj again. Maybe I'll do some artsy things tonight that don't require grading! I'll leave ya with a couple of videos I'm enjoying lately:

This is all of want to listen too. This is where I wanna go.

New Kids on the rock!

Find more videos like this on Hollywood East TV

Jan, this is the video i was trying to find last night when we were talking about Kenshin. The other anime the clips are from are Berserk:

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